Aquri GPS2Photo

GPS2Photo helps you GEO Tag and manage location data in the Exif metadata of your Photos.

GEO Tagging is adding geographical data to your photos. This includes coordinates like latitude and longitude, and location details like city and country. GPS2Photo is focusing on adding GEO tags to your photos.

With this Application, you can:

  • Add coordinates to photos
  • Perform reverse lookup
  • Copy and paste location data from one photo to another
  • Select a more accurate location on the map, than is in the EXIF data
  • Add location data to a photo
  • Search for a location, and find coordinates for that location

When saving your photo with the new location information, it will be stored in the photos metadata using the industry standards Exif.

GPS2Photo supports most image formats like JPG, PNG, and TIF. (RAW files are currently not supported)

PS: You have to use this application prior to importing your photos in Photos.